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1/4 Handicap – How To Play 1/4 Handicap in Football Betting ?

1/4 Handicap

1/4 Handicap is one of the odds that many players are participating in football betting. Many bookmakers offer 1/4 Handicap along with many other types of odds betting. CMD368 is no exception, one of Asia’s biggest online bookie, with a strong market in Singapore, CMD368 offers 1/4 Handicap with many attractive odds.

¼ Handicap, the upper team accepted under team 0.25 goals. Player bets on the upper team and if that team wins then the player wins. If the upper team draws, the player loses the bet. The calculation is reversed for under team betting.

1/4 Handicap

If a player bets on the handicap team and the result of the match is drawn then the player loses 50% of the bet.

If the match result is a winner, the player who bets on the team to accept will accept 100% of the bet.

If the handicap team loses, the player will lose 100% of the bet.

1/4 Handicap is suitable for people with experience in soccer betting. New players are often confused. Below is a specific example of 1/4 Handicap for players to understand.

Example: 1/4 Handicap.

Prediction between Argentine and Brazil at the Copa America , 2020. Bookmakers offers players the following options: The Argentine team is in the Brazil handicap on 1/4. Upper team win rate 1.95, under team win rate 1.97. The following scenarios will occur if the player bets on Argentine, the final result is:

  • Draw: (0-0, 1-1, 2-2…) the player will lose half the money. If the player bets $ 100, the player loses $ 50.
  • If Argentine loses, the player loses the entire bet. That means betting $ 100 will lose $ 100.
  • If Argentine wins, the player receives the full bonus. This means a player bet $ 100 will receive $ 95.

In case Brazil wins, reverse calculation.

Besides 1/4 Handicap, CMD368 has many other odds such as Malaysian Odds, Asian Handicap, Running Betting, … Players need to equip themselves fully with knowledge, learn how to predict odd to be able to win easily.


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