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Interesting Things You Need To Know About Euro Cup 2021 Finals

As originally expected, the summer of 2020 will be extremely exciting with a continental event taking place, the Euro Cup 2021 Finals. Due to the impact of the global epidemic Covid 19, it is forced to leave the organization schedule. into the summer of 2021. So before the tournament officially started, what interesting things around the tournament were revealed to world fans? Let’s see!

Hosted in 12 UEFA member countries

The UEFA Euro Cup 2021 final round will be the first time the tournament will be held in 12 UEFA member countries. This is reflected in the desire to bring football culture to become the rope connecting European countries. UEFA constantly updates the latest information about the season as well as often creates other interesting and interesting news categories such as information about the stadiums that host the matches, the schedule of matches, travel information in the host cities of Euro Cup 2021.

37,000 Volunteer Applications

Certainly, to be able to organize a successful tournament in 12 member countries, the organizers will need a large number of staff to run the tournament smoothly. UEFA has received 37,000 volunteer applications (68% increase compared to the tournament in France in 2016). In particular, up to 53% of the applications are volunteers who have had experience participating in other sporting events. Required positions include: match organization, festival around the tournament, venue operation, guest management, administrative work.

Mr. Martin Kallen said that at international sports tournaments such as Euro Cup 2021, volunteers were always one of the indispensable factors. He also thought that this was a great experience for the participants to organize the Euro Cup 2021 tournament.

Uniforia – The Official Euro Cup 2021 Ball Names

The name is a compound of the words “unity” and “euphoria”. Uniforia means the first time there is a special tournament in history with 12 member countries hosting. And the venue for this ball’s debut event is London, which will also host the season’s final.

Adidas is the production unit that will print the coordinates of the same name for the 12 cities where the matches will take place. In addition, Uniforia is a work that means all boundaries between countries will be blurred because of the love for football. Mr. Anika Marie Kennaugh – the designer said that his design team was always looking for ways to express the culture and spirit of football everywhere in the world through this official ball.

Skillzy – The Official Euro Cup 2021 Mascot

For the previous Euro Cup 2021 finals, the mascot selection was based on typical images of the host. Especially, at Euro Cup 2021 with the staging in 12 different countries, the selection of the mascot to match the culture of all the cities hosting the finals becomes more unpredictable than ever. 

Originating from street football culture, Skillzy’s character has been selected with the image of a young boy who can play football anywhere from the room, football pitches, parking lot to different cities with different famous locations. In addition, through Skillzy’s street skills, UEFA created an all-European competition called Your Move to find mascot representatives in each city hosting its soccer matches. Euro Cup 2021 finals and is entitled to attend major UEFA events.

The Official Song of The Euro Cup 2021 Finals.

Renowned music producer Martin Garrix has been selected to create the official track of the Euro Cup 2021 finals. The song was performed for the first time on the opening day of the tournament and got a little tune revealed during the draw for the Euro Cup 2021 Finals. In addition, this musical piece will be used for any action that takes place at a match when two teams step on the pitch, when a team scores or in commercials.

Ticketing Policy For Euro Cup 2021 Finals

With the slogan “LIVE IT. FOR REAL ”, UEFA wants football fans to come to the stadiums to experience football more directly. The cheapest ticket for a match is from $ 30 to $ 945 depending on the location and stage of the final round. However, that is not the most special thing about Euro Cup 2021 tickets, there will be 2 types of tickets to be used in the final round:

– Single ticket: Tickets according to each match

– Follow my team ticket: The ticket for fans to follow their favorite team, no matter where, at any stage. More specifically, if the team fails to pass the group stage,  100% of the ticket value will be refunded to the user. Unfortunately, these tickets have been sold out since December 2019.


Above are some of the most interesting information about the most exciting tournament on the planet – Euro Cup 2021. Besides the heat and attractiveness of the tournament, the interesting side information will bring you moments to relax. Besides, updated daily interesting things will help you more eagerly await a great tournament next summer.