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What Is Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap is a type of handicap assessing the difference in the strength of the two teams. Bookmakers will offer a handicap of the stronger team against the weaker team for balance in the game.

Asian markets only count 90 minutes including overtime but not overtime. Normally Bookmakers will add other markets such as 1st half Asian handicap, 2nd half or respective overtime.

Asian Handicap Types

  • Asian Handicap 0.0

This type of raffle Bookmaker is used to evaluate two teams being equal in terms of performance and fighting strength. The player is based on that to bet which team will win the match.

  • Asian Handicap 0,25/ ¼: 

For this market, Bookmaker will judge the stronger team, except the weaker team 0.25 goal. If the top team wins the match then the player who bets on the upper bet wins. Otherwise, the player will lose the money if the upper team loses the match. In the event that both teams tie, half of the bet is lost.

  • Asian Handicap 0,5/ ½: 

In this type of market, Bookmaker judges the stronger team to accept the team with 0.5 goal. If a player bets on the upper door and the team that bet wins by 1 or more goal differences, the player wins the bet, receiving the bonus. In the event that both teams tie or the underdog wins, the player loses the bet.

  • Asian Handicap 0,75/ ¾: 

If the upper team wins by 2 or more goals, the person who bets on the upper team wins. If the top team wins by 1 goal, the player gets half the prize money. If the score is a tie then the player loses their stake.

  • Asian Handicap 1: 

For this market, the upper team will accept the team of under 1 goal. Player bets on the upper team and wins if the upper team wins by 2 or more goals. Otherwise lose all money when the score is a tie or the upper team loses the bet.

Asian Handicap Experience in Online Football Betting

To participate in sports betting, players need to equip themselves with some necessary skills. Coming to Acebet99sg, players will learn more useful things about the markets, the way of betting and the strategy of using the bet. Below are a few notes for players.

  • Learn and observe the team:

Do not be subjective and ignore this factor, which directly affects the betting results of players regardless of any sport. Players should not bet regardless of the fact that they have not learned about the two teams in the match. Acebet99sg provides a lot of information about the matches that have been played. Players can look at the match history to see how each team is competitive and betting style. There is also information about the squad organization, the injury situation and the coach, …

When wagering requires alertness, don’t be fooled by Bookmakers leading to undue losses. Usually Bookmakers will show the winning teams for a high handicap. The player kept getting a good bet, but he actually had a very high risk.

  • Choose a balance weight

Players should choose relatively equal odds. When teams do not have too much of a difference in fighting power, the likelihood of fairness is higher. All teams, strong or weak, try to compete for glory, so the problem of buying a tournament can be difficult.

  • For teams that are too different

Players do not need to check odds on teams with high differences. Usually the Odds will drop quickly before a few hours of play, then go up again at the start of the match. This is really detrimental for strong teams, players tend to choose weaker teams.

The player should choose the weaker team when Bookmaker lowers the market while the winnings will be the same. For example, the 0.5 goal  handicap and high winnings should choose the weaker team to bet.


To better understand the Asian handicap, players should boldly place bets at Acebet99sg. Acebet99sg will be available to assist players at any time during the betting process. The casino has attractive odds, which attract many players. In terms of player prestige and quality, there is no need to worry.

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