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Casino Design : The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

Casino Design : The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

Many people who play before entering the casino must be very curious as to how the casino is designed? According to the study, most casinos, though designed, are also divided into two large categories: classic casinos and modern casinos. Each type of casino will have its own characteristics.

Over the decades when casino gambling has grown a lot more. Besides, there are also changes in casino construction and design. The two names mentioned when talking about casino design are Bill Friedman and Roger Thomas, one representative of classic casino design and the other is modern casino. Through this article, acebet99 will help readers understand more about the layout characteristics of each casino type.

Classic Casino Design – Bill Friedman:

Bill Friedman is known to be a gambling addict, and he has used his gambling experience to apply to many casinos. It was he who shaped many casinos today. In Bill Friedman’s mind, he wanted to form a casino that could keep players in it for as long as possible.

During his life, he renovated many different casinos and more than 80 casinos he studied over in the Nevada area. The question of his research: if the casinos all play the same game, with such layout, then what is the factor that helps players stay longer.

After more than 20 years of research and exploration, he has written a long book of 630 pages of content about casino design. There are 13 principles to build and design a casino, below are 6 core principles for forming a casino template.

Casino Design : The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

There Is No Clock Or Window

This theory explains that if a player is in an unknown time zone, the player will focus on the game rather than wasting time on the anxiety taking place outside the casino.

If one thinks about the time players will realize they stay in the casino for too long and will quickly leave. So watches and windows are elements that do not appear in casinos. This is indeed a simple but effective way to keep.

Maze-style Design

Typically casinos should design in the same direction. So when players walk around the casino will feel the long, winding paths, and around them filled with games. From there, the attraction of the surrounding games will attract more players. The small path, unknown direction makes players want to explore more.

Intimate Design On The Distance

Friedman said that to maximize the number of people who can gather at a casino, something sensitive is needed to attract players. In casinos there will always be rooms of small size, allowing for the different vibes and atmosphere of many people coexisting in one room.

Such arrangements will create a sense of intimacy between players who are strangers to each other, making them closer and more inclined to play the game. In areas with lots of seats and lots of people playing betting, the ceiling will be lower, reducing the space above to create the effect of spreading the width.

The small betting rooms will be separate from the outside world encouraging players to explore more because everyone tends to be curious about what is behind the door.

In addition, there are many different styles in the same place, players do not have to switch to other casinos.

Casino Design : The Sneaky Tricks That Make You Spend More

Get The Attention Of Players With Prizes

Casino walkways are encrypted in such a way that visitors are directed to the machines. Moreover, the machines in the casino are decorated, creating a highlight that attracts players.

Narrow Aisle And Small Rooms Like At Home

Besides offering the idea that many small rooms create a sense of closeness, the casino also optimizes the walkways. The machines are made of small area, keeping the narrow aisle increasing the intimate effect of the player, moderate space does not make the player feel overwhelmed.

He suggested that each place has a clear, logical and strategic place to help players determine the location of the building in the process of moving between play rooms or game machines

Exciting Players To Gamble As Soon As.

Friedman argued that if he wanted to keep a player in the casino for as long as possible, he would soon be tempted to enter the casino.

Space in the casino must not be wasted, the day since the player enters, gambling activities are immediately available. Must give players a large space, elegance, style resort hotel, so players will not see the secret, stuffy.

Modern Casino Design – Roger Thomas

If Friedman was the representative of casino design, then Roger Thomas was the one who proposed the ideas of a modern casino. In Roger’s opinion, a quality casino is one that doesn’t make players feel trapped in a narrow room. Because gambling is a discipline that requires a high level of concentration, surrounding agents can affect players. Therefore designing a casino must create many opportunities to breathe, relax, and be comfortable.

Roger creates bright, open-space rooms. He chose the high ceiling, decorated in many colors. There is even a skylight so that light can catch in brilliantly. The elements he laid out were the complete opposite of Friedman, but they were not unreasonable.

Currently many resorts combined with casinos follow his ideas. People feel this is a place worthwhile to rest, enjoy and the experience environment is completely more interesting.

Casinos Play With All Senses

Casinos should have sounds like betting noise, lights, winners’ screens. Because these are the factors that affect the players’ senses.

In some studies in 2006, the scent was also a diffuse element of comfort that made players want to stop and continue to be attracted to nearby gaming machines.

In addition, music is what makes the player more relaxed and relaxed, so the spirit is pleasant and the bets continue to play. Players will have great experience when betting on that casino.

Do Not Cause Tension For Players

According to Roger’s playground design, the casino operation went very well. Players focus on entertainment games and profit from that is also increasing.

Places like check-in or security will be more concentrated, more stressful, and have a faster pace. Therefore, when players come here, they often come to the waiting room to be able to relax more.

The casino also reviews the psychology of customer spending, tax exemptions and food and beverage restaurants here are full. Players are relieved because everything is airy and pleasant

Online Betting Support

If the player is playing online, then the player is likely to use a game designed in the traditional style. And what holds the player back is the appeal of the betting game.

Often gambling addicts are found more in an environment like Roger. Therefore, every game born players have faster access. Online casinos are places where players don’t get bored, because the online community atmosphere will draw players into those games.

According to a study conducted in 2014, Roger-style online casinos made players addicted and suicide much higher than the ability to visit land-based casinos to play.

Currently online platforms are trying to increase interaction between players and casinos. Fancy avatars are born, rewards systems are known and there are many more interesting and growing things waiting for players.


As you can see, casinos have lots of different ways to keep players from staying. And either way, offline or online casino businesses expect players to have the most interesting and engaging experience there.

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