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Let’s Learn How to Earn Real Money Through Chess Game

Chess, an incredible game of logic, patience and will centuries ago, has been adopted by many people for money in recent years. While most people play this sport for fun or to improve their cognitive skills, others have taken advantage of it to earn a large amount of money. Like any other sport, chess is a saturated game with thousands of players, but few of them dominate these game.

The Origin of Chess

Chess is famous around the world, played by many people, but its origins are unclear and controversial. There are many legends, stories, and judgments, starting with a debate about where chess originated and ending with the time chess was born.

However, most people think that no single person can invent chess because the sport is so complicated with many different rules and concepts. Chess was constantly changing until Wilhelm Steinitz became the first world chess champion in 1886. The ancient game of chess is difficult to recognize when one thinks about modern chess: from a dominant sport. ruled by inertial decisions to matches between chess software.

Basic Rules of Chess

The White Side Goes First

White chooses whichever piece they want to move to launch their first attack, also known as the opening. The White side moves one piece, then the Black side moves one piece.

Do not attack in the opening. When opening, you just need to move the pieces to their most useful position. You need to put them in beneficial and safe locations.

Normally, you should only spend 1 or 2 moves with a Pawn. Then focus on other stronger pieces — Statue, Horse, Queen, and Rook. The “Deploy” phase (bringing the pieces to the key cells, eg the center) is not considered complete if all of the above pieces have not been moved.

A lot of your opening moves depend on your opponent — you have to feel the game for yourself. So, observe and guess what the other party’s intentions are. Chess is a game that focuses on predictability and risk prediction more than any other game.

Take Turns

You and your opponent take turns, trying to capture each other’s King and pieces. You will prevail if you can intimidate the opponent’s Queen or King and force the opponent to take a defensive position, but there are countless ways in which a player can win.

The Pawn seems to be very entangled, but don’t “give the Pawn” in a hurry. When the Pawn reaches the opponent’s last row, it will change into another piece (except the King)! Normally people choose to become Queen, but you can turn a Pawn into a Rook, Horse, or Statue. You can completely reverse the situation of the game if you can move the Pawn to the other side when the opponent is not paying attention.

How to Arrange the Chess Board When Starting to Play

  • Place the chessboard so that the square in the bottom right corner is a white square. Both sides will have a white square in the bottom right corner of their chessboard. The chessboard arrangement of the two sides is the same, if viewed from each side’s perspective.
  • Place a rook in each of your corner squares. Let’s start with the rook – the piece moves horizontally (in rows) or vertically (in columns). Place two rooks at the two corners of the board.
  • Place the Knight next to the Rook. The Knight moves in 3 squares in the shape of an “L”: first go 2 squares in any direction, then 1 square in the perpendicular direction, or go 1 square in any direction and then 2 squares in the perpendicular direction . The code goes only by rows and columns, never diagonally. The rook can jump over another piece to move and is the only piece allowed to do so. This is also the only piece that does not move in a straight line.
  • Place the Statue next to the Knight. The statue is a tall chess piece with a round head and stands next to the Horse. The statue only moves diagonally.
  • Place the Queen in the remaining square of the same color as it. If you have a white piece, your queen must be in the remaining white square in the middle of the first row. If you hold a black piece, the queen must be on the remaining black square. The Queen is one of the tallest pieces on the chessboard. Queen can move horizontally, vertically or diagonally with no limit on the number of squares.
  • Place the King in the last empty square in the first row. The King is usually the tallest piece on the board. The King can move in all directions, but can only move 1 space at a time. You need to use all the remaining pieces to protect the King.

Where to Play Chess For Real Money And The Best Chess Online

Chess is a game of chess with a long history. At the same time it is one of the most popular brain games in the world today. This game has an interesting gameplay that requires players to have the ability to think and calculate appropriate chess moves. Everything on the chessboard, you can see very well, but only one thing you cannot see. That’s what the opponent thinks. Online chess is attracting a large number of players and there are many created websites that offer and allow players to play against opponents and win real money. In addition, players can play chess games for free but still win for real money. If you don’t want to turn a strategy game into a gambling game, you can use these sites to learn the game, improve your strategy and interact with other chess players.


You can win real money prizes playing chess at MBChess.com provided you are over 18 years old. Players under the age of 18 can also join the site, but they can only play for free. This online chess site encourages you to invite your friends and family members and play private games for fun or for real money.

Game Colony

GameColony.com replicates land-based chess tournaments in a safe online gaming environment. It is home to an active community of online chess players from different parts of the world. Launched in 1999, Game Colony quickly became one of the most trusted providers for competitive multiplayer strategy & skill games. You can join chess tournament by paying fees with real money and win some cool cash prizes.

Game Colony not only organizes multiplayer chess tournaments, but also maintains a player-friendly gaming environment, maintains player accounts, and distributes prizes in a timely manner.

If you want to participate in a chess tournament at GameColony.com, you must purchase a ticket to the tournament. Since the proceeds through the sale of tickets to the tournament contribute to the total prize pool, the winner gets a percentage of it and the chess casino keeps a portion of it. You can use a credit/debit card or PayPal to purchase tickets to the tournament.

Chess Club (ICC)

The Chess Club (ICC) is for those who are passionate about chess and enjoy playing the game online. If you sign up, you get a 30-day free trial. You must also download and install the free software for iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows to start playing. ICC offers free games only. As a result, the site even accepts children who want to learn the game.

Although you cannot play chess for real money at the ICC, you can earn money by referring other chess players to the ICC. Whenever someone you refer buys a club membership, you’ll earn points, which you can then redeem for real money. The online chess club will pay you in USD through PayPal.

Chess.com is home to over 25 million chess players. Once you join, you can use some of the powerful training tools at Chess.com to improve your game. You can also learn new strategies from the top chess players in the world.

Chess.com was launched in 2005 by Erik and Jay, two friends who love chess. Today, it hosts more than a million games daily. The site employs more than 100 content editors, programmers, and support staff, but has no physical location.

Chess.com is home to over 50 professional chess players and coaches, and they pay very well to create quality content.

Chess Cube

Launched in 2006, Chess Cube is home to a dynamic online chess community and offers live chess games, forums and interaction, training videos, lectures, and the ChessCube Cinema. The site is home to 720+ chess players from 230+ countries worldwide. You can not only play chess, but also watch others playing chess and have some lively chess discussions with like-minded friends.

Understand the Risks

Although playing chess online for real money is fun, it is not without risk. Since chess is not a game of chance, it is very difficult to follow the rules of the game when playing online for real money. There is absolutely nothing that can stop a player from cheating.

Players can cheat their opponents using software like Chessmaster. Your opponent can put the Chessmaster on the hardest level and put your moves there. The software will then give your opponent the best response to your move. You will accidentally play against a robot and not a human player. Of course, the best online chess casinos do not allow such software, but there is nothing to prevent your opponent from using another device.

As far as chess is concerned, you can be sure that your opponent is not cheating you only if you are directly playing. You can also be sure that no one cheats in the free games because the free chess players are all interested in perfecting their strategy. But nothing can limit cheating in real money online chess which is why you should be very selective when deciding to play online.


 And that’s our introduction to chess and how to play chess. Besides, there are the most prestigious money-making chess sites. Let’s quickly join the fun and exciting chess experience to earn the big money you want.