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What Is Domino QQ? How To Play Domino QQ At Online Casino Singapore

What Is Domino QQ?

Domino QQ is a variation of the card game Poker. In the categories of online casinos, including Acebet99sg, Domino QQ is classified under the P2P category. As a variant of Poker, Domino QQ has many similarities. The rules of the Domino QQ are relatively simple, just by looking to start the game.

Each game of Domino QQ was very intense and dramatic. It is also considered a battle of the players to find out who is the winner. At Acebet99sg online casino, Domino QQ was as popular as Poker Texas Hold’em.

Instructions For Playing Domino QQ At Acebet99sg

Learn about the Domino QQ game with online casino Acebet99sg. Players must have a good understanding of the rules of the game in order to get started.

  • Rules of playing Domino QQ at Acebet99sg:

A Domino table has 2 to 6 players. At the start of the hand the casino deals 3 tiles to each player and begins the first round of betting.

At the end of round 1, players will be dealt 4 more tiles. And the second round started.

After the 2nd challenge round ends, players draw tiles to compare with each other. The player’s tile with the highest combination, that player wins and receives the pool.

  • How to calculate points in the post Domino QQ

There are a total of 28 tiles in a set of Dominoes. Each tile is divided into two parts: top and bottom with certain buttons. The number of buttons on a player’s tile is their score. When the number of tile buttons combined together to create a score above 10, only take units, not tens.

Acebet99sg system will automatically pair 4 tiles into 2 tiles on the left and 2 tiles on the right. The two tiles on the left side have the highest score, the other two tiles on the right.

When comparing scores, the player compares the score on the left first. The player who has more points wins. If the left side is equal to points, then compare the tiles on the right. In the case of all ties, each side will select the tile with the highest score for comparison.

Special tiles in Domino QQ

In the event that a player starts the hand and possesses the following tiles then the player should increase the bet amount. Since they have a very high chance of winning, it cannot be ignored:

  • Rank 1: 6666 – each left and right has a total of 6 buttons.
  • Rank 2: Pair – tiles with an equal number of buttons.
  • Rank 3: Natural Small Hand – total score less than or equal to 9.
  • Rank 4: Natural big hand – total score greater than or equal to 39.
  • Rank : Double 9 (QQ) – the total score on each left and right side is 9. In a Domino QQ hand there can be more than one player with a 9.

Bet buttons in Domino QQ

When participating in Domino QQ, players will have the following options:

  • Check: This is a casino activity used to check and calculate points currently on a player’s tile. Player’s stake is still intact if using this button.
  • Flow: If a player is unsure of the tile they have, they can use the Theo button to continue the hand. The player’s bet is then increased according to the amount of the previous player’s bet.
  • Fold: The player has the right to fold, stop the hand if the hand is bad. However, this means the player will lose the entire amount previously wagered.
  • Raise the bet: If there is a great possibility of winning, the player has the right to increase the bet amount at will.
  • Maximum bet: Players bet the full amount they have to bet on the Domino hand. That is the maximum bet amount up to the Pot limit of Domino QQ.

How To Play Domino QQ At Online Casino Singapore

To play Domino QQ at Acebet99sg online casino Singapore, players need to own a betting account here. Next is the deposit of the bet, transferring that amount to the online casino. Then players choose Domino QQ in the P2P section and start participating. The process of playing Domino QQ detailed at Acebet99sg is described as follows:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your account

Login your account to Acebet99sg and choose P2P, then click on Domino QQ. Players can choose to play for free to experience, understand the rules of the game.

  • Step 2: Adjust the bet amount.

Players must adjust their wager amount before entering the Domino game. Depending on the pocket of each player, there will be a suitable bet limit. Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully before playing. Thus, players will have a more general view of the hand.

  • Step 3: Wait for Domino to appear and place your bet

The player can start the hand as soon as the Domino tiles appear. Depending on the course of the hand, players choose the right commands. Normally at Acebet99sg each player will spend 6 hands. After each hand the stake will be settled immediately before a new game takes place.

Tips For Playing Domino At Acebet99sg

  • When to fold, line or raise:

Each player’s action has a meaning to either protect or increase the bonus amount. When the hand is bad, a player can stop playing to avoid economic loss. On the contrary, good hands need to adjust the bet accordingly.

Specifically, if the tile is less than 3 points, they should discard the tiles, because it only takes effort and time to hit. If the score is between 7-8, then follow the lesson and carefully step by step. If 9 points then increase the stake because the probability of winning is very large.

  • Should bet reasonably

This depends on how much the player can afford and how they play. For more experienced players, they often bet large sums of money, fast play wins. If you are a new player, do not have much experience, the amount is limited, you should bet a little to preserve the capital and learn more.

  • Keep in mind when playing tiles:

Learning how to control the mind well will help a lot of players when participating in Domino QQ. When the player calms down, they will choose the correct button, learn more new tricks and reap higher profits.

Do not be subjective when you have good tiles. Try increasing your stakes for a higher chance of getting bonuses.


Domino QQ tiles game is a game with a strange charm, extremely interesting. If the player has chosen to trust Acebet99sg is the place to participate. Acebet99sg is sure not to disappoint players. The casino provides complete information about the game, giving players a more general overview of the Domino QQ. Acebet99sg wishes you luck!

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