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Dota 2 Betting – Join E-Sports Betting at the King855

Dota 2 Betting

What Is Dota2?

E-sports thrived thanks to The International I (Dota2) event. The champion of the tournament will receive a prize of 1 million dollars. The International is known as the largest tournament in history.

Later Esports tournaments worth thousands or millions of dollars were born. In Esports betting, Dota2 becomes the game with the most participants in the world.

After the Dota1 version, Dota2 is a product produced by Valve under the cooperation of IceFrog. The content of Dota2 says that the battle of the faction is Radiant and Dire, which side will destroy the opponent’s main house first. The role of generals in Dota2 has many unique skills, and must coordinate with other players to perform tasks together.

The reason Dota2 received so much love is because it inherits the essence of Dota1 and can be improved. The game has extra features, ensuring players get a great experience.

 Betting Market Of Dota2

According to statistics, Dota2 has up to 12 million participants within 1 month. This game is really attractive, and the number of participants is likely to increase in the near future. At the same time, international events and tournaments are constantly taking place. The most special can be mentioned the annual tournament The International, which is held every year in the US. The bonus that The International offers to the winning team is up to 20 million USD, equivalent to 440 billion VND.

The International is the dream tournament of many professional gamers. As long as gamers win The International once, they will be mentioned forever. Gamers will be known as the best Dota2 players in the world, the money they receive is enough to change their lives.

In addition to The International, Dota2 also participates in many other tournaments such as Major, DreamLeague, Professional League. The number of Dota2 and CSGO tournaments is the same and players can continuously bet at the online casino.

Some of the big bookie King855, not only offer Dota2 betting. There are also many experts covering the match and the teams playing Dota2. When betting at King855, players are given full information about the tournament, the form of bets in each Dota2 match.

Dota2 is indeed an e-sports game that many people love, once played, it is hard to resist, the attraction is huge.

Famous Dota2 Teams

Here are the 3 most famous Dota2 teams known by many players:

  • Liquid: The team owns many talented players, has many sponsors and major shareholders. Liquid attracts many talented Dota2 players on the leaderboard such as: Miracle, MATUMBAMAN, MinD_Control, GH, Kuroky.
  • Secret: This team is led by captain Puppey. The person who is considered to have outstanding talent since the Dota1 era. Secret has a stable performance, receiving championships from many tournaments. Secret’s lineup is very strong including: Puppey, YapzOr, KheZu, MidOne, MP.
  • EG: This is the team that has received the 5th The International championship. The team has a stable performance, always the name nominated for the championship when playing Dota2. EG members include: Fear, Cr1t, zai, Universe, Suma1l, Arteezy

Betting Contents Of Dota2: 

  • Map Winner: In tournaments, between two teams must play in a bo3 or bo5 format. Therefore, you will have to fight many times on 1 map. And the player has to bet on the winning team in that map.
  • Correct Map Score: The player bets the official score on the map. For example, when playing in a bo3 format, players can bet 2-1 or 2-0
  • Team to Draw First Blood: The first team to win a life.
  • Team To Destroy the First Tower: The first team to destroy the enemy headquarters.
  • Team to Destroy the First Baccarak: The first team to destroy the enemy barracks.
  • Team to Slay the First Roshan: The team that defeated the strongest monster in Dota2 is Roshan

When participating in Dota2 betting, except for betting on which team wins, which team loses. Players can also bet on many other equally interesting content. Players should focus on the upcoming The International 7 tournament. Because this is the biggest Dota2 tournament of the year and has a worldwide scope.

Some Interesting Facts About The International 7:

  • Prize money up to 22 million USD.
  • The International 7 will have no defending champions participating. The champion of The International 6, Wings Gaming, had a difficult time economically, although he formed another team, he failed to win tickets to The International 7.
  • Up to 4 players have participated in all 7 times of The International: Universe (EG), Kuroky (Liquid), Puppey (Secret), ddc (LGD). These people come from 4 different teams, they are all seasoned gamers who easily beat their opponents in the qualifiers.
  • Many teams and gamers come from China.
  • Fnatic, Execration, Tnc Pro Team are 3 teams from Southeast Asia, they all attended The International 6 and 7.
  • EG (2/7), VP and Liquid (1/4) are 3 teams likely to win the championship based on many experts’ comments.

In the betting market, Dota2 is the fastest growing eSports game. Players follow and participate in extremely exciting bets, many strong teams compete against each other. The betting market is extremely exciting and attractive.

How To Play Dota2 At King855

Dota2 is a game from MOBA. Each tournament attracts millions of viewers and bets, the prizes are extremely high. To be safe and ensure quality when participating in Dota2 betting, players should learn about the tournament, choose a reliable online casino to place their bets. At King855, players will not have to miss any major tournaments, many types of bets and attractive odds are waiting for players to choose.

  • Step 1: Access the website at King855, via Live chat or Whatsapp, players require account registration.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account, deposit your bets.
  • Step 3: On the King855 interface, select “Esport”
  • Step 4: A series of games appear, players choose “Dota2”
  • Step 5: Select the bets of current and upcoming tournaments. Start betting against the odds list updated every day.


Dota2 is the game of choice and participation by most people in the e-sports market. If you are a smart player, you cannot ignore Dota2. Quickly choose odds and participate at King855. King855 offers players many attractive promotional codes. Good luck players!

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