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Frontier Fortune – How To Play Frontier Fortune Slots At Pussy888

Pussy888 is really famous in the betting market. Pussy888 is not only famous for its online casino in Singapore, but also for its slot genres. With its quality and reputation, Pussy888 has attracted a large number of users with overwhelming bonus values.

We will take you to the American West, where there is a lot of gold and adventures to find huge bonuses. Let’s learn about Frontier Fortune at Pussy888.

Instructions on how to play Frontier Fortune Slot at Pussy888

Introducing Frontier Fortune Slot

Frontier Fortune Slot is set in a rush to find some big gold, offering both adventure and excitement as the player is discovered his way as a gold miner, to get the The biggest bonus in the game.

Game Overview

  • RTP: 96%
  • Reels: 5X3
  • Payout line: 25
  • Minimum bet: 20
  • Max bet: 5000
  • Max win: 1250x
  • Try it out: Yes.

Instructions on how to play Frontier Fortune Slot at Pussy888

The reels themselves are framed within a wooden cabin that stands right in the middle of the game screen, with a complete command bar at the bottom. To win the game’s Jackpot prize, the player’s aim is to score winning combinations on the reels. There are a total of 12 reel symbols in the Frontier Fortune paytable. The 10 common symbols are a drum, ax, whiskey bottle, sheriff’s badge, a cowboy boot, a tent, sign, a horse, carriage, cross gun.

In which the two symbols with extremely high reward value for the player are the Wild symbol (the patriarch image) and the Scatter (the cowboy).

  • Wild symbol

The Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter, allowing players to land more combinations on the reels. Combining these symbols together will bring an extremely large prize.

  • Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol also gives players high value, just two cowboy symbols combined will give the player 4 free spins.

  • Reward
Horse wagon1.250.000125.00075.0001.000
Cross gun250.00075.00025.0001.000
Cowboy boots150.00050.00015.0001.000
Alcohol bottle100.00020.0003.000
Gate board50.0008.0003.000

How To Play Fronture Fortune At Pussy888

To participate in the game at Pussy888, players first need to have an official account, how to register and participate according to the instructions below:

Step 1: At the Acebet99sg.com, send an account registration request to customer service by live chat or Wechat.

Step 2: According to the instructions, complete the registration form, the information entered must be correct and has never been used here.

Step 3: After confirming the account successfully, players go to the Pussy888 and select “Frontier Fortune ”; Choose the odds and start playing.


The game has attractive content and themes, with great bonus value. There is a lot of contention about the amount of prize money coming up. Why don’t you join early to claim those rewards. Come to Frontier Fortune at Pussy888 quickly, we are waiting for you to be the next winner.