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What Is Golf Betting? How To Betting Golf Online At Bookmaker

Golf is a sport often reserved for the elite in Western countries and is popular all over the world today. With that development, many bookmakers satisfy the demand for players, they offer online golf betting. Join Acebet99sg to learn about Golf betting as well as how to play Golf betting at  bookmakers through the article below!

What Is Golf Betting?

Golf online betting is a form in which players place bets on markets set by bookmaker in Golf. Each golf course will typically have 9 to 18 holes.

18 hole golf courses will require a Golfer to complete in 72 standard strokes. Usually the holes and strokes will be calculated as follows: 4 holes with 3 standard strokes; 4 holes with 5 standard strokes and finally 10 holes with 3 standard strokes. Depending on the design of each golf course, this regulation may be changed. At the beginning of the game, Acebet99sg will give all the necessary information so players can bet with peace of mind.

Compared to other games, the scoring method in Golf is quite complicated because there are many different categories. However, if a Golfer completes 18 holes with few strokes, that Golfer will win.

How To Play Golf Betting Online: 

Acebet99sg currently offers a full range of golf bets. Players just need to visit the Acebet99sg homepage and click on Golf then choose their preferred bet type.

  • Bet on tournament winners

This bet type is similar to the soccer team championship bet. Players will choose the Golfer they trust will win to bet.

For major tournaments, Acebet99sg will usually scale this match and betting type. The player not only bets on the winning Golfer, but also has the odds on the top 6 golfers.

  • The opposing bet is for 2 golfers

In this market the player will place a wager on one of the two golfers who will complete their turn with the lowest score. In this type of golf handicap; The result will be based on the head-to-head record between the two golfers paired with the dealer, whether they play the same match or not.

The golfer with the lowest score after 18 holes will win. For 36-hole items the calculation is the same.

  • Golf handicap betting: 

Similar to the football handicap, the upper and lower markets have the same handicaps that Acebet99sg lists for each pair. As a result, players will place bets on which Golfer they trust. The result of this bet will also be based on the number of strokes that the above golfer has. After completing the rounds, there is more or less the underdog Golfer having the handicap added.

  • Over / Under of Golf

Over / Under in Golf betting is similar to that in football. Players will guess the total score of two Golfers more or less than the rate Acebet99sg made earlier.


Golf betting is a relatively new sport. However, when it first appeared in the betting market, Golf has received the love of many players. In the future, Acebet99sg believes that Golf will receive strong support from its members at bookmaker.