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What Is Malaysia Odd? How To Play Betting Malaysian Odds

The term “Malaysia Odd” is certainly no stranger to football betting enthusiasts. According to the analysis system, at Acebet99sg more than 30% of players participating in online football use Malaysia Odd.

The article below Acebet99sg provides full information related to Malaysia Odd for players to better understand this type of market. There are also a few betting experiences based on Malaysian Odds

Malaysia Odd

What Is Malaysia Odd?

Malay odds is a familiar term used in online football betting. Malaysia odds displays the negative or positive levels to calculate the payout odds based on the parameters from the competing teams. Similar to the Indonesian handicap, Malaysia Odd is calculated in units of 1.00

If you enter Malaysia Odd whether you win or lose, you only need to multiply the stake by the Malaysia Odd odds to make the winning or losing amount. Of course if you win the money you bet will be refunded.

As mentioned above, the Malaysia Odd is divided into two basic ratios as follows:

  • Malaysia Odds Negative (shows the amount you will lose if you lose the bet, if you win, you will eat enough)
  •  Malaysian Odds Positive (displays the payout if the bet is won, lost will lose enough)

For example :

Man U accept Arsenal 1.5 left with a Malaysian Odd of -0.91

Arsenal has a 1.5 goal handicap with a Malaysian Odd of 0.75

Players who bet Man U $ 50, win will win enough to get $ 50 win + $ 50 stake = $ 100. If you lose, you lose $ 50 x -0.91 = $ 45.5

Player wagering Arsenal $ 50, winning $ 50 x 0.75 = $ 37.5 + $ 50 stake = $ 87.5. If you lose, you will lose 50,000

Experience Of Betting Malaysia Odds At Online Bookmaker

Regardless of whether a player participates in any kind of handicap football bet, he must equip himself with the basics. Players must learn carefully, take notes and accumulate more experience in betting from longtime players. When the player understands and knows the advantages and disadvantages of each type of market, the probability of winning the bet will be higher. Here are a few tips for those new to playing Malaysia Odd:

  • If the negative odds are too high a player should not bet because the odds of losing are very high. Ideally players should choose to bet with odds from -0.8 to -0.95
  • Choosing the right bookmakers is also very important. Because bookmakers have quality and prestige will ensure the ability of players to pay stakes. In addition, bookmakers update the odds quickly, players can make decisions in time. For large matches, the high payout will encourage more members to bet.

Acebet99sg is a bookmaker of the prestige and quality of what many players have come to expect. Acebet99sg offers football betting with diverse odds and is suitable for many players, while also ensuring a rate of return upgrade for many large matches.

  • Keeping track of odds provided by Bookmakers, online Malaysian Odds is extremely important. If a player is experienced while watching the movement of the market, he will make many accurate judgments about the outcome of the match.
  • Players should take note of the matches that took place, how the odds were happening. Then players compare the results to find out the highest probability of winning and bet on the following matches.


Except for Malysia, Acebet99sg also offers many other types of football betting with high odds waiting for players to join. Acebet99sg hopes players will have a memorable experience when participating in betting here.