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Newtown Casino (NTC33) | Download Android APK

Newtown Casino (Newtown) | 2020 Download Android APK

What Is NewTown Casino (NTC33)?

NewTown is a casino betting app that gives players the feeling of being lost in a new town, surrounded by neighbor betting lovers. The betting app is an alternative to an offline casino by Singaporean players. Participating in betting NTC33 applications, players receive many incentives and benefits not inferior to betting at major online casinos. Join a new form of betting at these Singapore casinos to win huge cash prizes.

Which online game would you like to bet on? Bet sports, Hat Slots, or table games. All available at NTC33’s casino betting app. If you bet properly, transparently, never stop learning new things. NTC33 application is a great betting tool for you, helping you both entertain and earn a great source of income. Download the game and play it for yourself to know your winnings and chances.

Where To Download NTC33?

Download the latest version of NTC33 betting now from our online betting site online casino Singapore Acebet99. The number of new versions is constantly updated, the application is constantly improving and supports the best player possible during the betting process. For customers, we always take care of them anytime, anywhere. The NTC33 betting app brings new expectations of the online betting market to players.

In addition to how to download at Singapore’s top betting site. Players who want to ensure that their mobile and their data is not lost can download NTC33 using the mobile app store. Currently, the mobile market has IOS and Android as the two main operating systems, players using any device can participate in betting, very convenient.

How To Register Newtown Casino?

Do you want to bet? Want to win big bets? You should register yourself with a betting account with NTC33. Contact our staff through online channels such as Whatsapp or Telegram and also Wechat if you need to register.

Players note that each individual can only register and use one account. So all player information provided for the registration process must be correct. The information confirmation process may take a few minutes, but it does ensure player’s betting safety. Within a few minutes, players have already owned a betting account. The funds the player is preparing to deposit will be linked and converted into credits for more convenience betting.

How To Login To Newtown Casino?

Upon successful registration the player receives an account consisting of the user and a password. Once logged in, players should change their password, so that the player’s account is known only to themselves. The security from there is also more guaranteed, access control is also higher.

NTC33 welcomes new members in a variety of ways, offering bonuses or free spins is the most popular. Players can bet on the same bonus amount. In addition, the betting system requires players to save or not save passwords. With this feature, even if the player uses multiple devices with the same betting account, the player only needs to enter once. The next time players do not have to re-enter bets, it’s very convenient!

How To Withdraw Money For NTC33?

How many betting games have you won at Newtown Casino? Once the required amount is reached, how do you get the money back to your pocket? This requires the player to seek help from the game dealer. Once the account is contacted and verified, the bonus amount will convert from credit to the player’s online banking account. Just a few minutes later, the system will announce and the player confirms the amount has returned to the bank. Any player’s transaction history and deposit or withdrawal operations are logged. However, the information was not disclosed but to serve as proof when necessary. The privacy of the bettor is the responsibility of the app and the casino agent.


Among the countless betting applications, the Newtown Casino still holds the trust of many players. Future betting application Newtown Casino is going to thrive even more. If players want to choose betting fast, convenient and safe. Go right to Acebet99sg to download Newtown Casino to mobile. Hundreds of games with many attractive topics are waiting for you.