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Online Baccarat Betting Strategy – Banker Betting Strategy

Baccarat has been very popular and attracted many players throughout the world. To play this game well and get more winnings, players need to grasp not only the rules of this game but also some tips, experiences, and betting strategies. Today, we are going to talk about one of the betting strategies that you can apply when playing online baccarat. That is the Banker betting strategy. 

This strategy is made based on the appearing rate of the Banker bet on the baccarat table. In this post, we will mention the Banker betting strategy deeper.

Online Baccarat Betting Strategy

Online Baccarat Betting Strategy – Banker Betting Strategy

What Is The Banker Betting Strategy?

Let’s start with the name of this betting strategy. As mentioned above, we will only place bets based on the Banker’s appearance rate. In this betting strategy, the players have to bet on the Banker bet within their betting streaks that are similar to an accumulator wager. 

To perform this betting strategy, you will need a table showing the result history. If you are playing at a land-based casino, you can prepare a paper to record. For those who are playing in online casinos, they can review the result history displaying on the tables.

You can refer to the step of performing the banker betting strategy that is offered by the experienced players at Mega888, as follows:

Steps Of Performing The Banker Betting Strategy.

Step 1: You place a bet starting with the Banker bet.

Step 2: You will continue to bet continuously on the Banker bet until losing. It means that until the results of the following games are Player or Tie.

Step 3: When the Player bet appears 3 times continuously, we start betting on the Player bet.

Step 4: Continuing to bet continuously on the Player bet until you lose. It means that until the results of the following games are Banker or Tie.

This series of actions can be repeated forever. In case you win 6 consecutive rounds, you can stop and start again from a new cycle with the Banker bet.

Online Baccarat Betting Strategy – Banker Betting Strategy

Some Notes In The Application Process.

You should start with the minimum betting amount which is as low as possible and maintain this betting level.

Usually, at the online casino, you will meet the table that other players are playing. At that time, you should pay attention to the results history table and start when the previous result is the Banker bet.

Do not place bets on the Tie bet.

You should stop playing a game as soon as you have won enough or you feel confused.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Banker Betting Strategy.


A simple strategy that players at any level can apply.

Results are quite high thanks to the ratio and probability instead of luck.

It is very suitable when you play Baccarat at online casinos.


Delicate observation of the results history is required.

It is not suitable for those who are impatient and want to win big.

How Long-time Players Use The Banker Betting Strategy?

Along with the development of Baccarat, the tactic has also been improved. This will help players play this game in a real way. However, it is difficult to apply to new players. 

Expert players when joining a gaming table, they will not bet immediately. Instead of that, they look at the history table for the results of the previous games. In this way, they can find the appearance probability of Banker bet and other information such as whether the winning streak is repeated or not, whether the Banker bet is on the winning streak or not, and so on. These elements are all visible to the eye and are easily trained. Therefore, you should consider it and apply it before you start playing baccarat. Moreover, you also find more information about this problem or other Baccarat tips and strategies at Acebet99 news

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Like other betting strategies, the Banker betting strategy is probabilistic and nothing is certain. However, instead of playing by chance, you still can try to improve your luck by applying this strategy. We hope that you will get more and big winning while playing baccarat thanks to this betting strategy. Now, let’s start playing baccarat and apply the Banker betting strategy immediately in this online casino Singapore right now.

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