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What Is Rake In Poker? How To Make Money From Rake At Bookmakers

Many players wonder how bookmakers will make money in poker games. To answer this question, players need to know a concept that is Rake. In simple terms, the rake increase in poker is similar to the tax increase. Join Acebet99sg.com to learn about the concept of Rake in Poker at bookmakers.

What Is Rake?

Bookmakers are tasked with organizing venues, providing betting systems, and serving poker players. The main income of bookmakers is the fee for organizing the matches, which will be collected directly from Poker players. And this charge is called Rake.

Usually newcomers to poker don’t care what Rake is. However, professional players are extremely calculating the amount of raises for bookmakers. Because they know Rake is like tax they have to pay to the state.

The rake is the organization fee that the poker room collects from poker players. Rake is calculated according to the percentage of the Pot. For example, if the Pot is $ 100, the winning player only gets $ 97 and $ 3 is from the bookmaker.

Rake calculation depends on the bookmaker. Most bookmakers will collect Rake from 3 to 5%. As for the tournament format, Rake is taken from the participation fee. For example a Tournament $ 11, the bookmaker will earn $ 1 and $ 10 is the prize fund.

What Is Rakeback?

A Rakeback is the amount of money the poker tables will refund players with a portion of the Rake. Bookmakers do this to encourage more players to participate in Poker. The more players join, the higher the Rakeback will refund. As a matter of fact, many players break even on the poker table. However, they can still make money thanks to Rakeback.

Rakeback does not have to be received by a player, but instead bookmakers will pay in the form of a promotion. That is the money received from welcome promotions, reloads or events for VIP members at bookmakers.

Incentive programs for betting members: the more players participate in, the more points you will earn, or increase your VIP level. Players receive more Rakeback as bonuses, tournament tickets, cash, …

Effect Of Rake On Players

The rake counts directly to the winner of the bet. If a player loses how many raises or wins a game, the player still only loses the same amount.

However, Rake is very important to who wins. Especially the tie money, the Rake is even more important. Because if a player doesn’t lose when betting on Poker then the rake that the player plays is the amount the player wins. If the Rake is low or the Rakeback is high, the player benefits.

Many players can leave the poker table for $ 100 in profit and lose only $ 10 on the rake. This result is very good for a tournament. For each individual session the winnings may be greater than the rake closed. However, on a large number of hands, the margins are small for most players.

How Does Rake Change Affect?

Raising a rake is like raising taxes, just raising prices from suppliers or raising taxes, even if small, can turn a business unprofitable.

For serious players making money from poker, increasing Rake is so important that it can turn bugs into a player at a loss.

If players bet the bigger the rake can affect their money. Remember that only a small change of Rake is enough for players to calculate and consider how to limit losing a lot of money.


The concept of Rake not everyone knows. Usually players who take serious, professional poker bets are very interested in Rake. Acebet99sg hopes that through this article players understand more about Rake, its effects and importance.