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Roulette Strategy: The Best And The Worst Tactics

Besides thousands of famous casino games, Roulette emerged as a strong wave in the casino industry. The impact and attraction of this game is huge for players around the world. Roulette rules are quite simple but difficult to guess, so using a play strategy to be able to easily win is always necessary for every player.

However, not all tactics are good and effective. Here is a list of the best tactics you need to know and the worst strategies you should avoid to use them properly. Let’s learn more with us! 

The best Roulette strategies

Apply A Low-Risk Approach

The chance of winning the 35/1 payout when betting on a single number is always an attractive thing to many gamblers at traditional casinos in general and online casinos in particular. in fact, the odds of you getting the payout are 37/1 if you use European Roulette and 38/1 if you are an American Roulette fan.

The probability of winning in 35 numbers is quite difficult and you will not be able to easily predict an accurate figure at the Roulette table. To fix this, you can use outside bets. Outside bets include many boards and they give you more chances to win. Although it brings small profits, it also greatly reduces the risks for you.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to play Roulette with less risk by placing bets on two columns or dozens at the same time. In terms of details, you will still be able to profit if you place an equal bet on each bet and only make up 66% of the board.

To achieve the best performance, you should apply this method slowly and stably. Although it is not possible to win 100% with this method, you will definitely be able to participate in the bet longer and have a chance to win if you know how to flexibly change your strategy.

Make a break time

Online casino Singapore operators recommend not sitting too long to play betting games. When you start to get tired and become emotional and distracted, your results can be greatly affected. This is one of the serious mistakes that players often make. either because you’re on a winning streak and you don’t want to stop or you’re following an existing strategy and can’t stop suddenly. If you cannot take a break or arrange a reasonable time, you will not be alert enough to be able to make accurate decisions in the games you play.

It is thought that each person can only fully focus for about 20 minutes. Therefore, if you are in an hour-long game, leave the table two or three times, then continue to bet. Meanwhile, you will feel more comfortable and easily get more experiences.

The worst Roulette strategies

Record the results 

Always recording and tracking the numbers in each game result seems to be one of the most popular strategies. Perhaps this idea appears when players want to learn about the numbers that appear most often and appear least frequently (hot / cold number).

However, this action is quite redundant since most online casinos offer cold and hot numbers automatically. It’s a waste of time when you are too focused on recording Roulette results.

You should only act that way when you are participating in another game that is unfair and transparent. This means that these numbers are likely to be preferred over other numbers, as a way of cheating. But in Roulette, these numbers have a chance of appearing the same.

Furthermore, you should remember that any result from the previous round will have no effect in the next round because each spin cannot be connected to another. They are unlike other card games where the elimination of some cards may affect the next round, Roulette remains the same. There are many players who are excited to be able to find some reasonable strategies or models from previous games, but not so.

Therefore, forget the task of recording the results and spend more time learning and improving your betting techniques to make it easier to win.

Apply the Martingale System

This is one of the fairly common tactics at online betting games. Of course not everyone can succeed using this method. Some argue that theory and reality are unlikely to be the same. It’s correct! Theories that are right on paper do not mean that they will work in real life. This is indeed true of the Martingale System.

The basic rule of this strategy is to double your bet when you lose and continue to bet as the original bet. This means that when you bet $1 is on and lose, you have to bet $2 on the next round. Continue to place such bets until you win. Once you win then return to the original bet with 1 dollar. Basically the amount you bet is always $1 and you will be able to get more profit when you win.

However, this method is quite expensive for many players. If the player continues to lose, he may run out of capital very quickly. Besides, players who want to follow this strategy must really have abundant playing capital, large budgets, large financial limits. because otherwise you will quickly lose.

So, please consider and consider the financial before using this method offline!


These are the Roulette strategies that you need to know and you need to avoid. We hope that you can find the best and most suitable Roulette strategies for your games. The big victories with the big rewards are waiting for you. Good luck! 

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