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Siberia Storm Slots Online Guide At King855

What Is Siberia Storm?

 Siberian Storm is a Slots game released by IGT. This game has a total of 720 ways to win. This game takes the shape of a Siberian white tiger. Accompanied by images, sound quality. Players at King855 will definitely love this betting genre, which is both fresh and impressive.

Currently Siberian Storm game is licensed on many online casinos. And King855 is also an app that offers, ensuring players will have an unforgettable experience when choosing Siberian Storm betting.

How To Play Siberia Storm Betting At King855:

  • Game Betting Features:

Siberian Storm is a Slots game with tiger or cat themed icons and themes. Siberian Storm has a total of 5 reels along with 720 payment lines. The main color of this game is white, matching the Siberian tiger theme. The other symbols in the game are equally powerful.

Because of the wild emblem, the white tiger and many other scatter symbols. The ability to activate bonuses is also special. Siberian Storm is for Fire House games and its payout rate is quite impressive, up to 96%.

  • Free or Real Money Betting:

 Siberian Storm can be played online or even on land betting. To take part in Siberian Storm betting, players should choose for themselves the value of the money they want to bet. Next is to click on the wheel. The minimum bet amount is automatically constituted as 50 credits. Although it may seem a bit too much for the player at first glance, the value is guaranteed as there are up to 720 cash flows on offer.

This game is suitable for those who like to bet high. And it is also possible to play with lower stakes at some casinos. The bet amount and coin value can be adjusted to suit the player’s bet pocket. When players start to place bets they can click the spin button to start the game. The Siberian Storm also has an automatic betting version.

With the MultiWay Xtra feature, players have the opportunity to improve their victories many times. This makes it even better, making many players who bet at King855 more happy. With this feature, it ensures that players will win even if there are many symbols combined at the same time. They will appear on the pay line that the player has placed before. The combination of symbols is considered both ways – from left to right and from right to left.

  • Mobile Compatible Features:

IGT originally created the game Siberian Storm for use on land casinos. However, its popularity has soared, so many online casinos and betting apps including King855 have made it available to players. Siberian Storm has many features that are compatible with mobile betting. If a player finds a game that features free and real money on mobile, it is Siberian Storm. The game is suitable for both Android and IOS mobile platforms.

  • Betting Rewards:

Siberian Storm is indeed a game that does not disappoint players when the prize money for the winner is huge. Free betting feature is activated on tiger’s eye, appearing per round for 5 reels. Besides players can activate more free spins and get up to 200 free spins per bet.

In addition, the betting game also has many wild, scattered and stacked symbols. When the symbols are stacked the chances of improving and winning are more for the player. Some people call this game “tiger pay” because when the tiger appears, the player is paid high stakes.


The King855 betting app, with the exception of the Siberian Storm offering, has plenty of other games. If you wish to participate in any of the Slots games or casino bets you can contact King855. Betting app that guarantees top quality, prestige, and high payout in Singapore betting market.

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