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Some Online Blackjack You Need To Know

Online blackjack is one of the most popular and popular online gambling games. Every day, at online casino Singapore, there are thousands of people accessing online blackjack with the desire to have the best experience. Online blackjack is considered as an entertaining game to help you relax as well as have the opportunity to become a millionaire.

however, before you win and win great prizes, gain experience and equip the necessary knowledge. The following article will provide you with information on some Singapore blackjack online tips to help you increase your chances of winning. Let’s see!

Apply psychological ways

In this game, what is interesting to the player is the hidden numbers behind the cards. Especially the dealer will not be able to judge the total number of points you are holding. They do not know how your situation is at all. This is the golden time for you to psychologically strike your opponent.

This tactic, if you apply it correctly, will win 70%. But most importantly, you must be reckless and have good judgment. Besides, the calculation ability must also be extremely sharp. If you can handle the situation well and can act well. Then depending on the situation, you will achieve unexpected results. However, this strategy generally applies to traditional casinos rather than online casino. At online blackjack, you should keep a better mentality to get the best results.

Follow your opponent

You should not be subjective that you already know how to play well and forget about watching your opponent. You should quickly examine and devise traps for them. Avoid the opposite situation, you are caught in the sights of the opponent’s psychological card.

You need to train yourself to have a habit of quickly observing the card the other person has just drawn. Also, learn how to calculate the probability of the cards being present. When judging how your opponent’s hand is, you will make the correct decision whether to pull or not to pull. Avoid seeing that your hand is weak and then try to pull to get a high score. Making you in a winning position suddenly becomes losing.

If you are the dealer you can apply this strategy in casinos. Then surely you will become a bookmaker with a lot of profits.

Predict your opponent’s ability to hand when playing

If you see that the player has 3 cards in hand but they continue to draw a 4th or 5th card. This signals that their chance of being thawed is very high. Your win rate is now about 80%. So the ability to calculate the cards as well as pull the opponent’s cards is very important. This is a highly effective method that you should use.

Train your ability to see quickly and remember quickly

When the hand is over, the dealer will quickly gather the cards and shuffle the cards. After mixing all new cards dealt to ensure fairness. However, during shuffling the cards cannot be avoided in the event of the cards being stuck together.

Therefore, quickly and accurately memorizing the cards will give you a great chance of winning. You should practice your ability to see quickly. This will prevent you from drawing too big cards or knowing which opponent will exceed the score.


The above article has summarized all experiences about how to play online Singapore blackjack. Please train yourself to master the above strategies. Hope you can consult the above experiences and become a professional player. Good luck!