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Top 8 Secret That The House Edge Never Let You Know

The house edge always wants to give players the most unforgettable experience. However, in an effort to please customers to become successful casinos as a business with huge revenue, casinos also have secrets they don’t want their customers to find.

Here are 8 secrets in the gambling industry, especially online gambling that the house edge doesn’t want to be revealed.

Top 8 Secret That The House Edge Never Let You Know

1. Win Odds And Differences Between Games

The fact is that almost every game in the casino game category has the house edge. For beginners who do not have enough general knowledge about games at online casino as well as land casinos when participating in these games, they will receive some disadvantages, of course, the advantages will belong to the house.

The odds of winning these games will not be the same. What the house does not want the player to know is that some games have lower win rates than others.

These games are also known as ‘carnival games’ including some games like: Caribbean Stud Poker, Three Card Poker and Let It Ride Poker. These are casino games that are often very difficult to win as well as hard to bring about huge winnings. So if you’re not lucky and confident enough to win, stay away from these games as far as possible.

2. If You Play Right Ways, Some Casino Games Will Offer The Best Profit. 

Have you ever wondered why Blackjack is always the card counting game’s attention? There is a reason for this. Not only in Blackjack but also in other card games, if you know what you are doing is right, then you will have a chance to win.

The MIT Blackjack Team story that making millions of dollars in card counting at Blackjack is just a word of mouth on the table. In fact, it’s hard for people to make millions like that.

Because the house edge at the casino will punish the player at the table if they find out that these players are counting cards. Of course, this will not be announced in practice. So, be alert if you don’t want to be punished! 

3. The Player Will Be Watched Everytime And Everywhere

Most casinos have sharp cameras every inch of the casino floor and every corner. At the world’s largest casinos, more than 20,000 cameras are watching you everywhere and anytime. These cameras are connected directly to the security team’s large screen. so they can track your every move.

Although these actions will ensure your safety as well as avoid the case of players cheating, it’s cause many troubles for players because the big boss is staring at you.

4. Everything In Casinos Is Intended To Deceive Your Senses

That’s the truth. Everything in a casino is designed in a casino to deceive your senses in order to manipulate you. This is for sure, keep reading and ponder!

There are no windows in a casino, because the casino doesn’t want you to know whether it’s day or night. Don’t have a watch because they want you to forget time. they put a cash desk at the end of the casino floor to get all their capital out to invest in the whole casino. Casinos print an eye shape on the slot machines so that you are captivated by it. Moreover, the casino also offers free food and drinks, because they do not want you to leave the place to find food.

In fact, there is a lot of evidence that casinos exist that you don’t even notice.

5. Casinos Will Find And Catch You If You Are Cheating

Have you ever thought that you could cheat at a casino and get out of there successfully? That only happens on film, because in fact, if you cheat, the casino will find you and catch you right away.

Why? First, cheating is an evil act and only the crooks use these tricks. Secondly, with a density of 20,000 cameras at the silver floor, you will surely be detected immediately if you cheat. You may not believe it, the level of security in casinos is almost absolute, so successful fraud and escape is impossible. On the table games, the player who takes the bizarre and suspicious actions, will certainly be in the first suspect area. In addition, people they consider to be spared from tracking will also be arrested.

One of the methods casinos use to find fraudsters is to use security techniques such as chip tracking, tags and facial recognition.

6. The Place That Is Beyond The Control Of The Casino Is The Poker room

Poker room area is always the area where the most loose security. because of:

– The nature of Poker is different from other games. Because Poker will play between rivals, not the player vs the house. This means that it is not a concern for the house.

– casino operators understand that poker players must follow strict rules. Moreover, at the Poker table, players are self-governing. If any player at the Poker table breaks the rules then they will be called and mob rule prevails.

7. Dealer Wants You Bet Not Your Tip

There is a form of unwritten rule on the table that is giving tips to dealers when you achieve a big victory. However, most dealers always want you to use that tip and place a bet.

Because this is how dealers may have a chance to earn more tips. Most dealers are paid according to the general rules but usually lower than the general situation in each country. Therefore, the tip is a pretty big bonus for each dealer.

For a dealer, a $1 tip might not work, but if you triple the tip they get, that amount will be the very big over a night.

8. Not All Dealers Are Honest

The truth is that it is impossible to trust anyone, even the dealers at your table. Dealers do not need to be sworn by forcing or taking tests to find the right person or not. Therefore, of course, casinos will never want you to know about dealers who are dishonest and often steal from regular tables.

Dealers can easily take a chip and put it in their pocket, this is the most common form in casinos. These dealers, once discovered, will be severely dealt with, either fired or publicly disclosed at the casino and marched through the exchanges to know that such action is unforgivable.


Above are 8 things that the casinos never let you know. However, you can learn about it carefully to find the solution to avoid it when playing casino games in the land-based casinos or online casino Singapore like https://www.gogbetsg.com/.